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WCA belongs to an athletic organization called the ACEL (Athletics for Christian Education League). In this league we have the opportunity to participate in basketball for the men, and volleyball for the ladies.



Music classes are available from 1st grade to seniors in high school. All grades are taught music theory on their level. Early elementary start with handbells. Other elementary students graduate to recorders. High school students can participate in voice lessons, directing music, and handchimes. Our music teacher also offers individual piano lessons during or after school for a fee.

Maple Syrup


Maple trees abound on our beautiful Wiscasset property. Collecting sap from our trees to make syrup has developed into a school wide tradition. Students boil the sap down to syrup and enjoy maple syrup on ice cream every year after the sap is boiled down.

Christmas Program


Every year WCA performs an annual Christmas program. All students have the chance to participate and many from our community and school family enjoy observing. 

Fine Arts Competition


Every year we participate in a fine arts competition with AACS (American Association of Christian Schools). Students compete in various areas such as science fairs, academic testing, vocal performance, instrumental performance, and speech. The competition is open from 6th grade up, and performance begins in New Hampshire where students compete amongst students from all over New England, but are judged only amongst their home state. If students in high school win, they have the option to continue on to national competition in Greenville, SC.

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